Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Functional Resume: A Quick Study

I just did a quick Google blog search and nabbed some results of functional resumes. Take a look and in particular read the "red" type.

From Tampa JobSpot: Resume Week I - Types of Resumes

The Functional Resume focuses on your skills, accreditations, and achievements over the course of all previous employment. The focus is on what you did, and not when or where you accomplished it. Your achievements, skills and experience are grouped together to accentuate your expertise in distinct areas. This type of resume is good for those with employment gaps (Which you should explain later in case this question arises) and if the previous job experience doesn't match the current job requirements.
From klukealexina: Why You Only Really Need Four Sample Resumes

In a sample functional resume, the focus is on your skills rather than your work history. This type of format is great for individuals who may not have remained at jobs for long periods of time or for individuals who have held numerous jobs. This type of resume can also work well for individuals who are changing careers and want to shift the focus from their work history and what they may have done in the past to their skills and what they wish to do in the future.

From IR Resume Writing Service at IR Blogs - Design Space

A functional resume focuses on your skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history. People who are changing careers or who have gaps in their employment history use it most often.

From quang talks » Blog Archive » You’re Ready for a Career Change - Is Your Resume?

How do you convince a potential employer that you have what it takes to meet and exceed the expectations for the job no matter what previous jobs youve held in the past? One way is by writing a functional resume. A functional resume is one that you dont see nearly as often as the tradition chronological and combination ones. Thats because they are used when the situation for the job seeker is not ideal.

Eh gad, man. So functional resumes are primarily known more for deflection and covering up weaknesses.

And if the common folk know that functional resumes are used to cover something up… what does a hire-person understand after pouring through countless numbers of them? Their job is to pick resumes apart and eliminate weak candidates.

A functional resume may present you in a good light but it starts out on bad footing... how's that compare against the competing resumes not starting out behind the eight ball?

Stay tuned and together we’ll find genuine, honest ways to make your low-experience resume fruitful and get your career on track. We'll also find ways to keep a functional resume honest if you still choose to employ one.

P.S. I just reread this article and realized it was a bit alarming and didn't provide any information to get you geared towards creating a great resume. So your first lesson is this.

Hop over to:

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and browse some articles on my co-sites. Their knowledge can apply here too but on this site we'll spend more time chiseling out more engaging beginning-career resumes... and see if there's some way of incorporating what's good about the functional resume type and leave the rest on the cutting room floor.

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